Goodbye, mango freeze


For a brief, fleeting moment, we enjoyed mango freeze, and now it’s gone until next year’s JazzFest.

Yes, I know that Whole Foods sells it in pint and quart containers and the proceeds go to WWOZ, but somehow it doesn’t taste the same when eaten in your living room.

Other mango sorbets (I’ve tried many) don’t come close, even when you sit very close to your stereo speakers while sampling sorbets.

A sleeper food hit at this year’s JazzFest was lemon meringue pie.


Offered at a booth tucked between the Blues & Gospel tents, the pie was a vision of lofty, stable meringue:  no weeping despite the humidity, not overly browned, and just set, all the way through.  Can you tell that I have meringue envy?  I haven’t even come close to perfecting my meringue technique.

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