Easiest roasted potatoes (and artichokes)

p4170149Simple things are often best:  scrub a pound or so of fingerling potatoes; toss with olive oil, coarse salt, and fresh ground black pepper.  Roast on the Big Green Egg until tender.  Okay, if you HAVE to use your gas grill, the fingerlings will still be tasty, but the smoky charcoal-roasted flavor will be missing.  The potatoes’ skins will be crisp and salty, and the insides dry and fluffy–sort of like the best steakhouse baked potatoes, only in miniature.

p4170151While you’re at it, trim and quarter a few artichokes, and rub with a cut lemon to prevent the edges from turning brown.  Nothing more than a spritz of olive oil and a few minutes on the grill will yield a delicious change of pace from the usual grilled veggie suspects (corn and zucchini, I’m talking about you).

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