Toffee pecan chocolate chip cookies

p4260162How do you improve the classic Tollhouse cookie?  Toss a cup of chopped pecans and a cup and a half of Heath toffee bits into the standard chocolate chip cookie dough (the kind that uses butter and equal parts white and brown sugar), then let it rest overnight in the refrigerator.  Bake within the next day or two.  Try, try not to eat them all in one sitting.  Also, take out one pan a few minutes early and allow another pan to brown slightly, and you’ll have a range of cookies from soft to crunchy, sure to make every cookie muncher in your household very happy.

3 thoughts on “Toffee pecan chocolate chip cookies

  1. Hey Celeste – Did you see the chocolate chip comparison in the latest Cook’s Illustrated? Ghiradelli 60% came out on top, while Nestle suffered an embarrassing last place finish among their tasters. I’m looking forward to trying the winning chips as soon as my current batch runs out.

    • I didn’t see the comparison, thanks for tipping me off. I like the Ghirardelli, as I can buy it in my local supermarket. My absolute favorite is Guittard’s feves (bigger than morsels, both in bittersweet & milk)–they’re harder to find in NOLA.

      • The best part about the Ghiradelli chips, if you like their chocolate anyway, is that they are made of the exact same chocolate they use to make the bar, but it’s actually significantly cheaper in chip form. I think it was something like 30 cents per ounce for the chips vs. 70 cents for the bar.

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