Breakfast impulse buy

p3040078-1I headed over to La Boulangerie (4600 Magazine St, New Orleans)this morning, expressly to buy a baguette.  I ended up with a baguette, a brioche, an almond croissant, and a pepperoni pizza.  The pizza, just $4.20, was easily the most delicious thing in the store. 

I don’t know if LB offers pizzas regularly, or if these were just leftover “baker’s treats”.  The fresh-from-the-oven pizzas weren’t in a display case with a label; they were arrayed atop a display case, at eye and nose level, covered in pepperoni and olives/jalapenos.  The crust was crisp-chewy, with all the flavor of a good loaf of bread.

UPDATE:  LB sells pizzas on weekdays only; the pizzas sell out rather quickly.  If you call and ask nicely, they’ll hold one for afternoon pickup.

2 thoughts on “Breakfast impulse buy

  1. Just for you, I called ’em: turns out that the pizzas are only available during the week. The clerk says the pizzas go quickly, but if you call and ask nicely, they’ll reserve one for afternoon pickup. She also said that the tomato/mozzarella version is her favorite.

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