Lard and seafood

Casamento’s restaurant fries everything in lard.  Pictured are the crab claws, which have a shattering, crisp crust over sweet claw meat.  You can taste the porky goodness, layered over the crabby deliciousness. 

The fried crab claw cannot be improved upon.  It is culinary perfection.  Anyone who disagrees is devoid of taste buds.

3 thoughts on “Lard and seafood

  1. I can’t say for certain, as I’ve never queried the owners. But it tastes to me like seasoned flour, maybe with a tiny pinch of corn flour? It doesn’t have any of the fakey-lemon flavors that plague most commercial fish/seafood coating blends. If you find out from the folks at Casamento’s, please let me know.

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