New kitchen

For more than a dozen years, my kitchen has been on the small side.  It is a typical, early-to-mid-century, simple box:  I don’t have a continuous stretch of counter space more than 30″ long, the control knobs have fallen off of my digital panel gas stove, and my rather underpowered downdraft ventilation forces me to fry outside, or put up with the house smelling like a fast food restaurant for days.  I have no kitchen island, no pantry, and very limited cabinet space.  I store most of my pots, pans, and bulky cooking equipment on open wire shelves.  The 50/50 split kitchen sink isn’t big enough for my largest stockpots.  A pathway runs right through the center of the kitchen:  if the dishwasher is open, no one can get through the kitchen to the rest of the house.  Still, I manage to get things done, despite the space and layout limitations.  But real frustrations arise when attempting any kitchen project with an additional person in the kitchen, or a dish requiring multiple countertop steps or a large amount of space (ie, strudel dough, sheets of pasta, or croissants).

IMG_0699Soon, all of my kitchen deficiencies will be remedied…..a new house, and thus a new kitchen, are on the horizon.

I’ll have a 30″ BlueStar range (with an oven large enough for a commercial, full size sheet pan), a “real” 1200 CFM vent hood (42″ Broan), statuary marble countertops, and a deep, 80/20 split sink in front of a double arch-topped window, with a view of a cow pasture.  Plus cabinets galore, and even a pantry.  I’m counting the days until I can cook in it!

15 thoughts on “New kitchen

  1. I am so jealous!!! I have a similar tiny kitchen, with an odd path right through it (to the bathroom–a well-travelled path!) and I’m glad you’re getting better space.

  2. You are going to love the Blue Star ! I got my 48 inch last December and love cooking on it !! Great Range ! WHat color are you going to get ?

    • Going with the plain stainless steel, to go with the other appliances. I am looking forward to using a wok on the BS!

  3. which BS did you go with? they offer ranges in 15,000 or 22,000 BTU configurations…considering one ourselves but unsure.

    • I will have the RNB model with two 22k BTU burners, a summer burner, and a 15k. Why bother with a BS if you don’t want the higher BTUs?

    • I want to stir fry, so I’m going for the BTUs. It does require a higher CFM hood, though, so total expense is greater than just the price of the stove.

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