Too hot to cook?

If summer’s heat has you down, why not let someone else do the cooking?

  • Tartine, (7217 Perrier St) will cook dinner for you on Tuesdays and Thursdays, offering five courses for $18 per person.  The plats du jour, which must be ordered in advance (online ordering here) are available for pickup between 5 and 6:30 pm.  Offerings on Tuesday, July 9th, include hanger steak with pistou; watermelon, creole tomato, mint, and Ryal’s cheese salad; grilled corn with maitre d’butter; roasted fingerling potato salad; and molten chocolate cake.
  •  If it’s too hot to even THINK about complicated food, how about a mobile picnic?  St. James Cheese Company’s 3, 5, or 7 cheese selection boards pair selected fromage with fruit, bread, and other accompaniments, and the charcuterie board focuses on cured meats and one special cheese.  St. James’ Justin Trosclair recently won the 2013 Cheesemongers’ Invitational in New York.
  • July 25th:  the Deutsche Haus Ladies Auxiliary hosts a Berlin-themed fundraising dinner to benefit the organization’s construction fund for new Deutsche Haus building on Moss Street.  Tickets are $25.  Read more about it at
  • Melons:  canteloupe and watermelons are in peak season locally.  Hit up your closest farmer’s market, buy a ripe melon, and eat it by the pool or sitting next to the lawn sprinkler:  guaranteed to make you feel cooler.

5 thoughts on “Too hot to cook?

  1. You think it’s hot there? It was 117 or something obscene like that here on Saturday. “It’s a dry heat” only goes so far. It’s just waaay too damn hot. We did cook on Sunday with friends, though. We rotisserie grilled a chicken, roasted mysterious Italian squash from the garden, tossed roasted home-grown Roma tomatoes with linguine, and made ice cream and angel food cake.

  2. They hang out mostly in the damp dirt underneath the mister and in front of the fan and lay fewer eggs. So far this summer the only chicken tragedy was attributable to a coyote.

  3. Isn’t that what a BBQ pit was made for? Hot days? My charcoal grill’s bottom rusted out, so I’m using gas right now. It’s not as good, but I don’t have to wait. Gotta go get me another $20 walmart pit.

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