Bouillie on the bayou

bouillieYou know you’re on “the bayou” when a cafe’s sign features tarte a la bouillie!  As seen in Labadieville, spotted by my brother.

I do hope the chicken is a lunch special and not part of the tarte a la bouillie at Amy & Emily, a Cajun Cafe.



2 thoughts on “Bouillie on the bayou

  1. Before I took this photo, I had actually had my camera out and ready to get a pic of one of the few signs in the area advertising “Live Choupic”. I had a guy tell me the other day he grw up eating it, and I made fun of him. This sign grabbed my attention. Thought of you immediately. Maybe choupic for your next dish. “Choupic en papeyette”

    • Have only eaten choupiq made into fish balls. It’s not a very tasty fish—takes plenty of “stuff” to make it taste like anything worth eating.

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