Fresh tomatoes

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACertain things invariably mark the changing seasons.  In my mind, spring is officially and summer has begun  when temperatures crest 90 degrees, creole tomatoes are ripe enough to eat, and the first tropical weather reports appear on local media.  (Indeed, we have a tropical weather report already:  TS Barbara is technically a Pacific storm, but it shows distinct potential to enter the Gulf of Mexico.)  Usually, higher temps and backyard tomatoes appear in early to mid-May, but an exceptionally long, cool spring pushed both back to late May.

I celebrated the start of tomato season by eating the first ripe, homegrown fruit simply sliced and sprinkled with sea salt.  Then I followed up with a BLT.  Unbearable heat and humidity are on the way, but at least we’ll have “real” tomatoes.

Sadly, I think my homegrown tomato season will be brief:  cool, wet weather led to a terrible outbreak of late blight in my garden.  Thanks to the late blight (the same fungus-like organism responsible for the Irish Potato Famines), the tomato plants probably will be dead by mid-June.  Fleeting pleasures are often the sweetest….

7 thoughts on “Fresh tomatoes

  1. We just picked our first ripe tomatoes, too. The tomato plants that I carefully nurtured since the beginning of January are on the puny side. However, I have several awesome plants that spontaneously appeared in the middle of the okra bed. I love garden surprises.

    • Volunteer tomatoes pop up in my garden, but I’ve never had one that produced fruit. Maybe if I were growing heirloom/non hybrid tomatoes, the seeds would generate a viable plant. I have volunteer cilantro, basil, and purplehull peas sprouting everywhere.

  2. I like mine with a slice of mozzarella and some slivers of basil lightly broiled. Mine still look like grapes.

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