Mucho cubano at High Hat

IMG_0571Why does pressing a sandwich make it taste so much better?  Whether my affinity for salty, crisp, and crunchy is cultural or biological, I am positive:  toasted bread is better.  A panino is better than a soft, bready hoagie; a sloppy roast beef po-boy needs the support of very lightly toasted Binder’s bread…even a cream cheese schmear on an everything seed bagel improves when toasted.

Scoring off the charts on the toasted-sandwich scale is High Hat Cafe’s Cuban sandwich, a flattened (but still mouth-bursting) pile of roasted pork, ham, cheese, and pickles.  High Hat scores additional points in my book for offering a traditional southern vegetable plate; choose three favorites from 10+ choices (blackeyed peas, green beans, okra and tomatoes, potato salad, etc.), bookended by a big hunk of cornbread.

Other tasty Cuban sandwiches:  the Latin Corner in Morgan City, Norma’s Sweets in Kenner or Mid-City, Cochon Butcher in the Warehouse District, and the “Fancy Schmancy Cuban”, a Friday-only special at Stein’s Deli.  (Stein’s version combines Tuscan ham, roasted pork, Gruyere, pickles, and spicy mustard on pressed ciabatta.)  Have I missed your favorite Cuban in south Louisiana?  I want to hear about it….

5 thoughts on “Mucho cubano at High Hat

  1. That is a spectacular sandwich! Alexis loves Cubanos and this one is over the top good. I just ate grilled wings and half a brisket sloppy joe and I still think I could get about half of that sandwich down right now.

  2. Try the Cuban Sandwich at Churros Cafe on Kingman in Metairie (behind the Clearview shopping center)..ane while there, try the churros with Cuban coffee.

  3. There’s a great Cuban sandwich and its’ friend the Media Noche (on special yellow bread) at Rick’s Grille (cheesesteak place) in Place St. Charles. Been there probably close to 20 years.

    (ps: my other half thanks you for the Latin Corner rec.)

    • Glad he found the Latin Corner. I’m still trying to figure out what’s in the sprinkle atop their fries…..a mysterious blend of tangy, garlicky stuff, with a good dose of black pepper.

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