Baking bill up for a vote this afternoon

Senate Bill 18 should be called for a vote this afternoon.  The LA Senate convenes at 1:30 pm today (5/7), so it’s high time for last minute calls to your state senator.  Find out his/her office telephone number here.

The bill was amended in form again, and it now takes the form of slightly expanded wording of LA’s previous cottage food statute, adding specific dollar-amount revenue caps and the words “cakes and cookies” to the previously allowed list of jams, jellies, honey, and honeycomb.  I sure would love to see the single word “bread” added to the list.  Breads are safely stored and consumed at room temperature, pose extremely low risk of food borne illnesses, and are an important part of a healthy diet.  In a state with rampant obesity, you’d think that someone in the Legislature might appreciate the need to expand access to healthy foods, not just desserts.  So I’m still advocating for “breads” to be included in this legislation….won’t you join me?

UPDATE:  the bill was approved by the Senate, and it now advances to a House committee next week.  So on to the House of Representatives….

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