Time to find a new boyfriend

Looks like one Christina Walcott of Houma and her boyfriend allegedly attempted to steal ribeye steaks worth $75 from the Rouse’s on West Main Street.  The pair reportedly concealed the beef in a red shopping bag, but only paid for chicken at checkout.  When confronted by store personnel, her boyfriend fled the scene, leaving Christina behind to face arrest for theft of less than $500.

$75 buys quite a LOT of ribeyes–according to this week’s sales circular, ribeyes are $6.77 a pound.  YOU try hiding 11 pounds of meat and sneaking out of store; it’s no wonder the plan failed.

I hope Mr. Ran Away in a Moment of Crisis had the decency to bail her out.

8 thoughts on “Time to find a new boyfriend

    • Damn–an organized meat theft ring targeting briskets? Only in TX. I’m guessing the briskets went out the back door–I can’t see concealing a brisket and making it out the front door. Hell, I can barely carry a whole brisket from the meat case into my cart, I’d never get one all the way to the parking lot.

  1. I believe this should promote vegetarianism because this winter, Rouses, in Raceland, a man was wrestled down and arrested for stealing ribeyes.

    • Why is everyone so hot to steal ribeyes? There are certainly higher priced meats in the store….heck, organic granola bars cost more per pound than ribeyes.

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