Latest candy fixation

Pictured at left:  Goetze’s Bullseye Caramel Creams.  How on earth did I make it through life thus far without discovering the Bullseye Caramel Cream?  Chewy caramel surrounds a fluffy vanilla cream center.  Goetze’s, founded in Baltimore, MD in 1895, has made the original vanilla cream flavor since 1917.  The full flavor range includes strawberry, chocolate, double chocolate, caramel apple, and licorice.  If a single, bite-sized caramel cream isn’t sufficient for your sweet tooth, the company also makes Cow Tales, an elongated, straw-shaped caramel filled with cream.

Why oh why didn’t anyone give me Bullseye Caramel Creams back when I trick-or-treated?  I’m gonna eat extra Bullseye Caramel Creams from now until Halloween to make up for not eating any during childhood.

2 thoughts on “Latest candy fixation

  1. OMG….how in the world did that happen? I feel so sorry for you! Those are the best things ever, my favorite caramel of all. I never called them Bullseye just “Goetze’s”. Now I have a craving…..

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