Beach reading

If you’re headed off on vacation, consider taking the 2012 Food Issue of the Journal of Southern Cultures along.  The Journal’s second annual food issue is packed with interesting stuff, including an interview with Lolis Elie, articles on turtle, rabbit, and ramps, and a look at food in the WPA-era documentary photos of the South.  (Available in print, via Project Muse, or as a Kindle or Nook download.)

One thought on “Beach reading

  1. I am going to look for this. I’m very interested in food history, esp. French/Cajun traditions. Here’s a question: Have you ever heard of a pork sausage called bouncing jack? I can remember my mom buying it when our local butcher made it. It was a treat for us; very much like boudin. I hope you will have some info on this.

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