Fire at Hubig’s Pies

Attention, Hubig’s Pie fans:  run out and buy all the Hubig’s Pies you can carry, or you may have to do without.  As of 5 am, a 5-alarm fire raged at the Hubig’s Dauphine Street production facility in the Faubourg Marigny, and the garage entrance had collapsed.  Read more about it here.  UPDATE:  the facility was a total loss.

Here’s hoping that no one is injured and the fire is contained in such a densely packed neighborhood.

4 thoughts on “Fire at Hubig’s Pies

  1. I am glad to hear that they will rebuild and rebound from this! I have been enjoying Hubig Pies for years. Even though I left New Orleans in 2008, I always try to bring a week’s worth of pies back with me to Georgia every time I come home. I can’t wait for this New Orleans tradition to return!

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