A new look, and a few new spots

The dead heat of summer and a trip to Antigua, GT inspired this blog makeover.  Mmm, orange.

To go with the new look, here are a few new food options on Oak Street:

  • Breads on Oak, a bakery located at 8640 Oak Street, in the old Accardo’s Appliances building.  Open on Fridays and Saturdays through the end of summer, Breads on Oak offers European style sweet and savory baked goods.  Vegan options are available; see website here.  Or read more about it on the Only on Oak website.
  • d’Juice, 8235 Oak Street; fresh fruit & vegetable juices and smoothies….just what I’m craving in 95-degree heat.  Menu here.
  • Juicy D’s, at the corner of Oak & Carrollton Avenue, features steamed, organic beef burgers, loaded baked potatoes, and salads.  Check out Juicy D’s Facebook page for the latest info.

New things keep popping up all over town….

5 thoughts on “A new look, and a few new spots

    • I know, it does sound horrible, doesn’t it? I keep trying to work up the nerve to try one, but inevitably I just end up at Tru Burger instead. I have visions of grey, flabby, cafeteria-steam-tray beef.

  1. I like the steamlined new look. Nice and clean. I’ve seen places that steam burgers on Food Network and had the same impression as Mike and you.

    • The very thought of a steamed burger is sort of gross….which means I’m going to have to try one just to see if my preconceptions are validated. I’m not sold on any sort of “health” improvement generated by steaming. Seems to me that the same amount of fat cooks out whether grilling or steaming, no?

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