Stinky candle rant

When did scented candles, solid air fresheners, scented oil lamps, and other forms of indoor air pollution become so popular?  I tried to visit BD Kitchen Co. in Baton Rouge last weekend, only to flee after just 30 seconds:  I couldn’t take the overwhelming, multi-layered candle stink.  It looked like a nicely stocked kitchenware store with a demonstration kitchen, but I’ll never cross the threshold again.  The entire interior was dominated by the reek flowing from a Tyler Candle display.  Who wants to shop in a cooking store that smells like a funeral home or florists’ shop or elderly lady’s apartment?  Blech.

I also had a near-asthma-attack encounter with lavender-scented Renuzit in the ladies’ room at Gretna’s Pho Bang.  If a room is 3′ by 5′, it does not need a gigantic, gymnasium-sized solid air freshener.

Seriously, people.  If you’re trying to sell food or food-related merchandise, please back away from the Scentsy, Yankee Candles, Tyler, Lampe Berger, and other forms of perfumed funk.   Combined with the olfactory overload thrown off by people’s perfume, bath products, hair care products, and clothing detergents/fabric softeners, it’s a wonder anyone can breathe at all.

End of rant.

7 thoughts on “Stinky candle rant

  1. You should try being married to someone that likes that crap. I’m okay with a little bit of it but dear sweet lord, do you have to have some kind of scent every 10 feet? After years of complaining…errr…politely phrased encouragement to not use so many fragrances from myself and the kids, she finally has gotten better. But our house used to smell like someone had stuffed a Yankee Candle Company and World Bazaar into it.

    • My condolences on your having to live with constant olfactory overload. I’d rather smell onions or garlic than “fresh Caribbean breeze”. (Shouldn’t a so-named scent really smell like seawater, fish heads, and 2-cycle outboard motor oil?)

  2. Ehh, I attribute it to this never-ending desire, people have, to change things into what they are not. Try and find a food in a mainstream restaurant, and many that think they are better than the others, that isn’t masking the flavor of its food with a lethal cooking method or a sauce. People put on so many deodorants and odor deterrants that the concept of the pheromone is extinct lol. There’s no chance of matching someone by smell. I match the smell to the context. If you’re in a gym, and you smell more fragrant than I do when I go out on a Friday night, you have a problem. Work out and stink with pride!

    (I think this was a rant of my own…I hope I maintained some relevance to the original topic)

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