Birthday cake

Yesterday was my birthday, and Mr. Bouillie surprised me by baking a scratch cake.  Four layers of dark chocolate, filled with raspberry jam, iced with a poured, dark chocolate ganache and toasted hazelnuts–pretty impressive for a very first cake.  He used Dorie Greenspan’s “cocoa buttermilk birthday cake” recipe from Baking:  My Home to Yours.

Hmm, maybe this is the beginning of a trend away from his recent pie and more pie culinary efforts….I do like cake more than pie.

We have lots of leftover ganache, so perhaps a batch of dark chocolate truffles are in order.

6 thoughts on “Birthday cake

      • Yes you you never know. Get him started on making pizza dough and he might get hooked. Next take the same dough recipe have make focacio(sp), then shape that same dough into a loaf for Italian seed bread. You might get him hook, line and sinker,LOL.-JimZ

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