Five pound burrito challenge

Ever get the urge to eat a five-pound burrito?  La Palma Mexican restaurant (710 St. Mary Street, Thibodaux, LA) offers up a $14.95, 5-lb burrito, served in a family-sized baking dish:  finish the whole thing and it’s free.  (See a photo of the moster burrito here.)  According to the owner, Raudel Torres, a native of Zacatecas, Mexico, 350 people have attempted the challenge in the past two years, and just 13 managed to finish it all.  Frankly, I’m surprised that the number of finishers is so low:  Thibodaux is a college town, after all, and consuming mass quantities/eating contests/dumb-ass dares are made for hungry frat boys.

On February 27th, 2012, Torres will host a tournament of champions:  anyone who’s bested the burrito can compete for bragging (barfing?) rights in an eat-off beginning at 5:30 pm.  Read more about it here in the Lafourche Daily Comet.

3 thoughts on “Five pound burrito challenge

    • I know, it’s a gimmick. But the owner is so friendly and such a promoter of his home in Zacatecas…he’s like a one-man tourist bureau.

  1. I had one of those self made burritos on that place (Iggies?) on Houma Blvd. (near Pho Orchid). I did it to myself and I have no one else to blame, but I haven’t eaten a burrito since;) One another note, thanks for alerting to the Tet New Year. I went with some friends and had a good time, it was much larger gathering than I was anticipating. I had po boy equivalent and it was Fantastic and is something to dream about. However, the pho was made with spaghetti and was disappointing. I wil be going back.

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