Pho T & Q in Kenner

About three months ago, Pho T & Q (2305 Veterans Boulevard, Kenner, LA; 504-460-0468) opened its doors, and I finally managed to try it out week before last.  A few bites into my meal, I felt sorry that I’d waited so long.  As befitting a restaurant with “pho” in its very name, the pho broth was excellent, full of cinnamon, star anise, and wonderful notes of charred ginger and onion.  It might even rank as the best (beef) pho broth in town right now.  (Ooh, a head-to-head pho tasting:  that sounds like fun…)

In addition to the stellar pho, bun (rice vermicelli) topped with grilled shrimp and pork was carefully composed, with the carrots, lettuce, peanuts, and other toppings arrayed atop tender noodles.  Freshly prepared spring rolls contained wonderful, still-warm grilled chicken.

Besides pho, the restaurant offers rice noodle, clear, and egg noodle soups; salads, soft or crispy egg noodles, banh mi, eleven different kinds of vermicelli (bun) bowls, banh hoi (pressed noodles), rice plates, and fried rice, as well as a short list of specialty entrees, including bo luc lac (shaking beef).  Last but not least, diners can also enjoy family-style soups, intended for sharing, in hot and sour shrimp and fish flavors.  Finally, Pho T & Q has bubble tea:  19 different flavors, from avocado to thai tea, with durian, lychee, jackfruit, and soursop in between.

Located in a nondescript strip mall a short distance from Chez Pierre bakery, Pho Q & T is bright and clean inside, with terrazzo floors, glass-topped tables, and several flat-panel televisions.  It’s convenient to the airport, so if you’re destined to fly this holiday season, you might want to restore yourself with a bowl of pho after landing, or pick up a banh mi to go for the plane.

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