Bouillie, in its natural habitat on Bayou Lafourche

For me, the highlight of last Saturday’s 1st Annual Nutria Rodeo in Golden Meadow wasn’t seeing dead animals.  It was the white chocolate bouillie, served over cake squares, which served as a fitting dessert for a meal of rotisserie pork, gumbo, pork grillades, and jambalaya.

Read the Lafourche Daily Comet’s coverage of the event  (and here in the Times Picayune) and see more photos of the Nutria Rodeo.

3 thoughts on “Bouillie, in its natural habitat on Bayou Lafourche

  1. to all:
    I will be venturing to bouiilie soup teritory with only my grandfather’s vague recolections. I am looking for any and all who can share with me recipes, information, history etc. I’m pretty sure it was made with organs of pork but was it a roux, tomato, trinity base? I will be expiramenting with this seemingly almost extinct dish. please email me at


    • Hmm, I’m not familiar with a pork-organ stew called bouillie, but, as you know, there are many regional variations in Louisiana French and in foods. I’ve heard “bouillie” applied to the hogshead cheese mixture while it is cooking & still warm (ie, before it sets/gels/is chilled). See a post on hogshead cheese here.

      • Celeste,
        Thank you for responding. I will continue my search and if/when I find one I will surely send it to you at once.
        Thanks again,

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