Four times in the past week

Over and over, I keep eating tomato sandwiches:  four times in the past week, I’ve found myself in the kitchen, making a tomato sandwich on split, toasted homemade onion focaccia, dressed with nothing more than a handful of lettuce and a drizzle of (very good) balsamic vinegar.  It must be the heat…or maybe it’s the magic of an especially good tomato.

I have one good tomato left from my farmer’s market stash of fat Celebrity fruits from Alabama.  Guess how I’m going to use it?

3 thoughts on “Four times in the past week

  1. Love a tomato sand. Next to that, my fav. is a good onion sand with tons of real butter on a good sturdy bread like Ezekial Bread or a good pumpernickle.

  2. I love fresh tomatoes in the summer, but here in WV fried green tomato sandwiches have been on our menu three times this week…green tomatoes are sold at the Farmers Markets as well as heirloom ripe ones too.

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