Just a picture of a pretty pizza

Another attempt at a Caputo 00 flour pizza crust, cooked on a baking stone in a gas oven.  The dough, mostly Caputo 00 Chef’s Flour with a bit of added bread flour, was frozen for at least two months.  Defrosted at room temperature for two hours, it was very extensible, easy to work, and not sticky.  The pie refused to stick to the peel, even when loaded with toppings.

A side benefit to frozen dough:  it browned beautifully, thanks to the long aging.  (Young dough–just two or three hours old–won’t brown as nicely.  Commercial pizzerias “cheat” by adding sugar or brushing the crust with oil to encourage browning.)

At 500 degrees, the pie took 10 minutes to cook.  Sadly, this was far too long for the fresh mozzarella.  I think the ‘za would have cooked faster with a longer preheat and with the stone on the oven’s floor rather than on the lowest rack.

The pizza experiments at my house will continue….

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