Miracle fruit, at long last

A few years ago, my better half gave me a tiny miracle fruit plant for my birthday.  It was a tropical twig, with barely four leaves, and I wondered how long I’d wait to sample the exotic, flavor-changing berries.  Well, wait no more:  the 2-foot-tall plant spent the winter in my living room, and it’s decided to reward my good care with a few berries.

A few tiny, light beige flowers are visible next to the fruit, so there is at least the possibility of additional berries.

Why am I so excited about a few tiny fruits?  Miracle berry (synsepalum dulcificum) contains miraculin, a compound that distorts human taste perception.  Eat a miracle berry, and for short while, everything tastes sweet.  Yes, everything:  lemons, limes, vinegar, pickle brine.

Hopefully, my little plant will produce enough berries to share one day.  Meanwhile, when I try out the berry’s effects, I’ll be sure to post about it.

2 thoughts on “Miracle fruit, at long last

  1. I hope it works! I’ve been tending this plant for years now–it would really suck to discover that I’m immune to the “sweetening” effect.

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