Stuff I don’t like, late June edition

File this one under “grumpy”…here’s a list of foodstuffs I just don’t get:

  • Fried chicken tenders (or nuggets) and honey mustard (or other goopy, sweet, or mayo-laden dipping sauce):  now, fried chicken is a fine thing, but I simply DO NOT UNDERSTAND how fried boneless, skinless chicken chunks have come to dominate the menus of low-end chains, fast food joints, and school cafeterias.  The whole freakin’ point of fried chicken is the SKIN, so why is everybody so crazy about skinless fried chicken?
  • Oversized burritos bloated with rice and beans:  the humble burrito has saved me from death by hunger on many a day, but I can’t seem to develop a taste for the oversized, California-style belly bombs bursting with cheap fillers.  Make my burrito on the small size, neatly wrapped, and full of tasty stuff like chargrilled chicken or beef, roasted peppers, onions, a good salsa.  Save the beans & rice for a side dish, please.
  • Raw kale in salads:  y’all, that stuff is tough. I don’t care if it is a superfood guaranteed to make me taller, smarter, and impervious to cancer, it chews like silage.  I LIKE kale, but can we go back to cooking it?
  • Frozen daiquiris dispensed out of a machine:  (I know–if this gets around, somebody’s gonna show up at my house and revoke my Louisiana voting rights over this one.)  The artificially colored & flavored, adult-alcoholic-snowball concoctions are too sweet by a mile.
Sorry to be such a curmudgeon today.  I’ll be more cheerful tomorrow….

9 thoughts on “Stuff I don’t like, late June edition

  1. We all have grumpy days Celeste. At least all the rain we’ve had has been soothing everyone’s psyche in this heat.

  2. A righteous “right on.” Maybe grilled chicken tenders would be ok in a salad, Burritos are already stuffed enough and a well prepared one needs no extra help. Raw kale yuck! In the summer frozen margaritas are OK but its hard to beat a cold Abita Amber for thirst quenching (unless you need the extra flavor of a cold Turbo Dog.)

    • Frozen margaritas only pass the test if they’re made with fresh-squeezed lime juice; give me an icy g&t any day over a frozen margarita made with a mix.

    • Maybe the heat’s just making me crabby, but I could add a few more things to that list. Like:
      –cupcake only bakeries
      –the proliferation of Subway sandwich shops in south Louisiana
      –high-end appliances in showpiece kitchens that are NEVER used for cooking

  3. Red velvet cake. I seem to be in the minority on this one, but the predominant flavor is red food coloring. Most recipes contain a tiny amount of cocoa, and the frosting is just sweet, sweet, sweet. I definitely don’t get it. There’s even red velvet cake flavored ice cream and frozen yogurt.

    • I can take or leave red velvet cake, though certainly NOT with cream cheese icing. That’s some sort of nouveau abomination.

  4. Do not be afraid to speak up, you are not alone. And, THANK GOD someone has the courage to speak up about raw Kale! It’s like the Emperor’s New Clothes.

    • Kale is all over the place these days—it’s cheap, it doesn’t wilt for days, and it has the luster of “healthy”. I’m not a rabbit; I don’t want uncooked kale.

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