6 thoughts on “Best thing I ate this week: fried artichoke alla giudia

  1. Yum! Just happen to be going there tonight and hope they’re available. My favorite Jewish hole-in-the-wall spot in Rome where I first had these was out of business last time there but I made them last summer and got some pretty good results. Fairly easy with the right young artichokes.

  2. Drago’s used to have an oyster artichoke soup that was my favorite thing there, but they no longer carry it. I’ve tried making it with various recipes but can’t seem to replicate it. At the bottom of their bowl, there was something crunchy and I’m thinking it might have been a fried artichoke.

    • Never had the oyster/artichoke soup @ Drago’s….I can’t ever get past those char-grilled oysters. Probably never had anything else from the menu, ever!

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