Dat Dog, on Freret

Dat Dog (5031 Freret Street, New Orleans, LA, 504.899.6883) offers almost a dozen different directly sourced wieners and sausages, including Polish kielbasa, German bratwurst, Slovenian sausages, locally made hot sausage, alligator sausage.  Wieners–a choice of pork or beef, both juicy–arrive tucked into a split-top, toasted bun, piled with the diner’s choice of condiments.  Pictured is the all-beef wiener with cheddar, yellow mustard, and dill relish.  (Tasty, but the generous bun overwhelmed the wiener.  I ended up with too many all-bread bites.  Perhaps it’s a bun designed to convey the larger specialty sausages?)

This brightly-colored, tiny sliver of a restaurant offers little in the way of creature comforts.  A few tables crowd the sidewalk outside; indoor seating is limited to counter stools, three chairs, and a corner bench facing tables so low and tiny, even kids need to hunch over while chewing on a hot dog.  Despite the basic surroundings, more than two dozen people eagerly awaited hot dogs and frozen batter fries at the stroke of noon on Sunday.

Pork and beef wieners run $5 each, and the specialty sausages are $6.  It’s great to see commerce returning to a once-lively section of Freret Street.  I eagerly await the opening of Adolfo Garcia’s new venture Ancora, which will offer wood-fired pizzas straight from a Neapolitan oven; rumor has May 23 as the opening date.

8 thoughts on “Dat Dog, on Freret

    • Is it the childhood inspiration of the old Girl Scout song “I know a weenie man”? Or do we all harbor a secret desire to emulate Ignatius J. Reilly?

  1. thanks for pointing out this place. I will definitely try it out, as the city doesn’t have many places like this, or maybe it does, and like this one, just didn’t know it.

    • Do you mean hot dog stands, or restaurants serving just one type of item? ‘Cause you’re right about the cith being low on hot dog stands. Given a choice, I think most locals would opt for a poboy over a hot dog.

  2. This one is on my short list. I do love a good dog and we don’t seem to have too many places to get a decent dog in town. Although the Chicago dog at Cooter Brown’s is good, at least I always think they’re good after a few beers.

    • Two really good dogs: Cochon Butcher and the American Sector @ the WWII Museum. And congrats on your big accomplishment!

    • No. No way, no how: you can drive your car through “the Schnitz”, but I’ll pass, thank you. Is there anything sadder than a lone outpost of a has-been fast food chain?

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