Jazz Fest lunch

Friday’s lunch:  sitting on a blanket in front of the Fais Do Do Stage at the Jazz Fest, eating a duck poboy (on a sesame-seed roll, topped with horseradish sauce & shredded cabbage)….followed shortly thereafter by a mango freeze and  a strawberry-balsamico sorbetto from La Divina Gelateria.

The po-boy was better than the Red Stick Ramblers’ lackluster set….ordinarily, those guys tear it up, but Friday’s performance was rather subdued.

To chase away the memory of their uninspired set, I had to eat a frozen cannoli from Angelo Brocato’s.  Yes, the cannoli more than made up for the music.

4 thoughts on “Jazz Fest lunch

  1. I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes. As one foodie to another, I’m sure you understand why I’m missing New Orleeeeeeens. Lived there for about 40 years.

  2. I’d probably put on a lackluster performance, too, if I were missing Festival International for Jazzfest

    kidding….just a friendly jab from Lafayette 😉

    • Those two festivals head to head are an embarrassment of musical riches. And FI has the decided advantage of being free….

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