Where NOT to buy crawfish in Houma

Hey, ladies:  don’t bare your arms or cleavage inside Sea-Go Seafood in Houma–or you’ll go home hungry.  According to the Daily Comet, proprietors Arthur and Linda Eschete prominently posted rules for their establishment, insisting that “Ladies must have a WHOLE shirt on” in order to receive service.  Here’s the entire newspaper story; read it for yourself.

While I support a shop owner’s right to refuse service, this is a bit much, don’t you think?  This isn’t a white-tablecloth establishment–it’s a takeout seafood market.  And the sign isn’t aimed at men with bare arms, shoulders, or midriffs…just women.

Me & my naked arms will shop elsewhere.

13 thoughts on “Where NOT to buy crawfish in Houma

  1. These people must have an abundantly fun home life. They probably can’t wait to get home, cover up all body parts and talk about the myth of global warming. However, they must like feet okay, because their sign requires bare feet for service: “No shoes…or no service.” So complicated.

  2. Or you gather a group of both genders and taunt them with your bare arms. Just a thought. They would probably call the cops though. Oh well.

    • To cover all of their rules, they’d need a sign bigger than the building. So maybe we really DO need to form a posse of hood-wearing, baggy-panted dudes, tank-topp’ed ladies, and for good measure, a few shoeless kids. In other, related news, the country of France just banned the wearing of the full-face veil (niqab) in public….

  3. People like that in these days and times so need to be messed with. I wish i lived closer. I would be the lead instigator. It could be quite entertaining.

  4. I agree with the article. here is a summiry of my experience. She began hollering at me in front of my two children after i purchased a sac of crawfish because she saw me ask another customer to see the crawfish he just purchased. She comtinued to scream and curse at me as I walked out of the store. Her husband then came out and started screaming at my husband who had no clue what was going on. This was 8 years ago and my family has never gave them our business again. You will find the worst customer service there!!

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