Birthday cake

Today is my birthday, and I baked my own cake.  No buttercream, no chocolate, no layers:  it’s a “french riveria” yogurt cake, straight out of Dorie Greenspan’s Baking: From My Home to Yours. Simple to make, unusually tender and moist, and not too sweet, the cake is fantastic as a dressed-up dessert, yet restrained enough to function as a breakfast treat.  I bake it over and over again, with minor variations, and I’m always pleased with the results.

A few things make the cake special:  first, citrus zest and/or herbs (I used fresh rosemary and mint) are rubbed into the sugar, extracting maximum aroma.  Then almond flour lends its nutty flavor,  and greek yogurt and olive oil are used as the liquid ingredients, imparting tang and a luscious texture.  A big bonus:  the cake stirs together in a single bowl.  It takes longer for the oven to preheat than to mix the cake.

After baking, I glazed the cake with lemon marmalade.  I just ate a big slice of it for breakfast.  Happy birthday to me!

9 thoughts on “Birthday cake

  1. Great minds think alike, Celeste. That’s the cake I requested for my birthday back in march, though without the herbs, and with part semolina flour. Also, the one I had was finished with a citrus simple syrup. Man was that good.

  2. Happy birthday from Italy. We are leaving Napoli today for Sorrento, none too soon. We will have a glass of limoncello in your honor.

    Sarah and Jamie

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