Fish tacos

Lenten Fridays in south Louisiana mean seafood for supper.  It’s easy enough to get a seafood fix with a fried catfish plate sold by a Catholic church, usually prepared by the Knights of Columbus or a similar pack of do-gooders.  But catfish, especially pond-raised catfish, can be insipid and boring, and the church-fundraiser styrofoam takeout containers usually overflow with cheap starches:  potato salad, white beans & rice, soft dinner rolls or biscuits, macaroni & cheese.  If you’re lucky, one of the KCs will have discovered “mustard batter” or will have a free hand with the cayenne pepper.  Otherwise, the fried fish and bland starches will veer dangerously close to a true Lenten sacrifice, and who needs the calories of fried food plus the penance of little or no taste?

After one too many bland fish chunks, I decided to upend the Lenten fried fish platter tradition.  From now on, I’m having fish tacos on Friday nights.  A warm tortilla, a few pieces of crispy fish, a little chopped cabbage, some avodaco, onion, cilantro, sour cream, and hot salsa:  suddenly, inexpertly fried catfish isn’t a taste sacrifice.

So next time you find yourself with a foam tray of charitable good intentions, give it a culinary makeover.

7 thoughts on “Fish tacos

  1. Paul: You can keep your cilantro. I like the fish tacos the way Coyote Blues serves them. I had never had fish tacos till I had them at Coyote Blues. I just wish they were more convenient for me. I would eat there weekly.

  2. I love fish tacos! My first were in Baja Mexico in a little town called Todos Santos. The taco stand was named Pilar’s. Something about mexican limes I love. I have tried unsuccessfully to replicate the white sauce on the cabbage. After discovering fish tacos in 1978, I ate my way around Baja with my dad from Loreto to La Paz to Ensenada to Los Cabos.

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