What really lurks inside a Taco Bell burrito…

Not exactly a newsflash, but confirmation of long-held suspicions:  only 36% of Taco Bell’s “meat filling” is actually beef.  The other 64% is a variety of fillers (oat, mostly) and flavorings–a percentage too low to qualify it as “beef” according to government labeling regulations.  Read more about it over at Gizmodo

So let’s all back away from the Dollar Menu….buy real food, from real people.  Not sort-of-beef from the world’s largest restaurant conglomerate, Yum Brands, parent company of Taco Bell (which also owns KFC, Long John Silver’s, A&W, Pizza Hut, as well as brands in China and worldwide).

4 thoughts on “What really lurks inside a Taco Bell burrito…

  1. I saw that lawsuit. I was surprised with all the oats that they didn’t try to claim it as “health food”…..they could get Wilford Brimley to do the TB commercials ha ha.

  2. I still like Taco Bell’s stuff even though I don’t like the calories. I remember when I was 25 I could eat 8 burrito supreme’s at one sitting. Later I found out these had 800 calories/each. We have one in Laplace and it always has a line for the drive-up. The old Taco Bell hardly had anyone so just shows what location can do.

      • lol, I should have said that I could still eat 8 of those but I would gain weight, unlike when I was 25. Sometime when I was close to 30 I was eating a Ted Drews concrete (frozen custard ice creme, a St. Louis institution) almost every night, and I started to put on a few pounds. I later found the concretes had 3,200 calories each (equivalent almost to a pound).

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