Cherry tomato focaccia

Focaccia is a bread I bake over and over again, and my current favorite version is topped with fresh rosemary, coarse gray French sea salt, and halved cherry tomatoes.  Exposed directly to the oven’s heat. the tomatoes dry out a bit, and their flavor intensifies.  Here’s the focaccia recipe I use most often.

It’s good on its own, or split it for simple sandwiches of coppa, thin slices of pecorino, or a smear of tapenade.  And focaccia is a good bread for the beginning baker; no complicated shaping is required.  After kneading, it undergoes a bulk fermentation, then it is spread onto a sheet pan for the second rise and is baked right in the same pan.  If you’re yeast-phobic, try it out and let me know how you fared.

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