Little kid lunches

Yesterday, it occurred to me that my recent brown-bag lunches resembled elementary school fare.  As of late, stuff like homemade oatmeal rolls with honey peanut butter, sliced canteloupe, Honeycrisp apples, Fage yogurt w/cherry preserves, leftover tuna, cheddar cheese and thick-sliced multigrain bread have filled my lunch sack:  I need to work harder at diversifying my luncheon selections.  It’s time to get a cobb salad back into the rotation, or black bean burritos, or serious sandwiches (but the weather hasn’t cooled enough for soup just yet).

What’s in your brown bag?  I hope it’s more exciting than my late summer/early fall lunches.

4 thoughts on “Little kid lunches

    • Whole Foods carries the Justin’s brand nut butters. P & Honey is tasty, but almond & cocoa is better! For some strange reason, the NOLA stores don’t stock the hazelnut & cocoa (my favorite), but the Baton Rouge store does. The little squeeze packs are convenient–you can keep them stashed (desk, glovebox, purse)for unexpected hungries and/or blood sugar emergencies.

  1. Can’t say I ever brown bag it (working from home and all) but today, I am in Berlin and ate my first ever falafel. Mmmm. Can’t think of anywhere to get that in New Orleans, can you?

    • I love felafel, especially with the green Yemeni sauce…try the felafel at Mona’s or Byblos when you get back to NOLA….the newish Little Morocco on St. Charles has it, too. Enjoy Berlin!

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