Italian seeds at Perino’s

Poking around at Perino’s Garden Center (3100 Veterans Boulevard, Metairie, LA), I discovered a small selection of “Franchi” brand imported Italian vegetable seeds, perfect for cool-weather gardening.  Among the selection:  various lettuces, turnips, and (my favorite) cimi di rapa, which is known by many other names, including broccoli rabe, friarielli (in Naples), and rapini.

A quick garden clean up (mostly pulling up Thai basil plants gone to seed), three inches of freshly dug compost, and a quick run-through with my nifty little Honda tiller, and I was ready to scatter the rapini seeds.  A week’s diligent watering (we haven’t had a drop of rain for more than three weeks), and the magic of tiny green shoots appeared…

Dunno how long until harvest (I can’t read the package!), but I have enough seeds to plant successive crops all winter long.

I also planted (standard) broccoli, bronze fennel, parsley, spearmint, and bunching onions.  Soon, I’ll sow arugula seeds, along with  slo-bolt cilantro, and culantro…if you’re looking for herb seeds, look no farther than Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds for a huge variety of open-pollinated herbs, vegetables, and other edibles.  (Open pollinated means you can save seeds from your own crops to create next year’s garden.)

Get some winter crops in the ground (or in a container garden) now…..


2 thoughts on “Italian seeds at Perino’s

  1. I bought some rapini seeds, also, from an online place called Renee’s Garden. I haven’t planted them yet, but will try to get them into the ground this weekend. I dearly love sauteed rapini and mushrooms with pinenuts over pasta, sprinkled with grated peecorino and lots of pepper. I also bought seeds for dinosaur kale and some other winter greens and lettuce.

    • I can usually get kale & lettuces at the local farmers’ markets, but I never see rapini or arugula. I’m headed outside to plant my arugula right now.

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