La Divina Gelateria @ Loyola University’s Carrollton Hall

La Divina Gelateria’s newest location, tucked inside Loyola University’s Carrollton Hall, is officially open.  (See a campus map here.)  I’ve popped in a few times this week, and the place is bustling with life already….and my quality of life has improved significantly, as I can now take a short, pleasant stroll from my office to good gelato.  It’s like a dream come true.  Okay, maybe not a “dream”, as that would involve the gelato being delivered right to me, but at least a nice upgrade in the local food options.

A couple of booths, a handful of tables, and a few benches provide patrons with a spot to linger over gelato, espresso, or a selection from the bakery case.  According to Carmelo, the cafe is open from 11 am ’til midnight weekdays, until 2 am on Fridays and Saturdays, and until 10 pm on Sundays.  I spied two big Baker’s Pride ovens tucked into the kitchen…maybe we’ll see a pizza or two on the menu?

2 thoughts on “La Divina Gelateria @ Loyola University’s Carrollton Hall

    • Well, you could take the streetcar….or ride a bike. Parking is a problem during the day, though it is a bit easier in late afternoons & evenings. Loyola has a parking garage very near this building…not sure if/when it is free…visitors used to pay during peak hours, but the garage reverted to free parking after 5. Dunno what the current policy is…if you follow LaSalle Street into campus, the cafe is very near the end of LaSalle.

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