Incredibly flimsy cutlery

Am I the only person bothered by cheap, flimsy, stamped-aluminum cutlery?  I had lunch at Slice Pizzeria’s Magazine Street location earlier this week, and a nice arugula salad & two slices of pizza dropped several notches in perceived quality because of the awful flatware.  A dull, serrated knife prevented me from cutting the pizza, though somehow it shredded the paper beneath the slice.  The fork’s aluminum aftertaste didn’t complement the lemony dressing on the pleasantly bitter greens.  Adding insult to injury was a stamped floral pattern trailing down the fork’s handle….the sad little attempt at design simply highlighted the inferior quality.  Heck, you could buy enough decent flatware at garage sales on a random Saturday to outfit a restaurant the size of Slice, should the restaurant supply house prices on quality forks & knives exceed this establishment’s budget.  I just don’t get it:  why skimp on the very items used to convey food to the diner’s mouth?

3 thoughts on “Incredibly flimsy cutlery

  1. I agree.

    Half of the fun is splitting the very generously sized specialty slices, so you can share flavors, and it’s nearly impossible to do.

    Good call on ordering the bacon, basil, and roasted garlic – it’s my favorite, and actually inspired my 10 year old son to branch out from his beloved pepperoni. – no small feat.

    We often grab a very tasty and inexpensive meal by sharing a couple of slices and a “small” salad, and it’s a shame to have to laboriously saw through the pizza with a dull knife to get to the goodness. I’m not exactly a flatware snob, either – mine is Martha Stewart – but it’s simple, substantial, and actually pretty attractive.

    • I haven’t tried the bacon/basil/garlic–the slice pictured is the plain white pizza, which has a generous shower of basil on it. I do like the small salads; I often skip the salads in casual places ’cause they’re just too big to finish. I’m a fan of the trend toward multiple sizes….I know I order more when I can get several small plates rather than a big pile of one thing.

      • Ahhh… I haven’t ordered the white pizza yet, so was mislead by the fresh basil.

        The bacon/basil/garlic pizza is awfully good – my son actually eats all the bits of basil that fall off onto the plate (voluntary fresh herb eating!) so I have a multi-level fondness for that version.

        Plus, you know, bacon and garlic… 😉

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