Looking for a part-time cooking gig?

Spotted this ad in my local newspaper:

Part time cook wanted for up coming pasta company. The kitchen is located in Norco, LA. The position is 2 or 3 days a week, days may vary, 6pm -11pm. Please email resume to delightyourpalatecatering@gmail.com or mail Delight Your Palate Catering, LLC 802 Wilson Dr, New Orleans, LA 70119 School INTERNSHIPS welcome!!!!


Sounds like an ideal gig for a culinary student…

4 thoughts on “Looking for a part-time cooking gig?

  1. Have you been to a Mano on Tchoupitoulas St.? It supports local farmer’s markets and arranges his menu by what is in season and can get. Right now creole tomatoes are in almost every dish. Best part, it is cheap for upscale dining. I was very impressed with it and actually ate something new for once.

    • I keep meaning to go to A Mano, but I end up at Domenica every time. I’m a sucker for that pizza…I’m curious: what on the menu tempted you to try a new thing?

      • I don’t eat tomato, any type but the way the dish read it just wouldn’t work without it so I ordered it. Granted, I only ate one 1 but I still tried it.

        • One is better than none! Repeated exposure breeds familiarity, which leads to enjoyment. (Except in the case of licorice…I can’t seem to convince myself to like licorice, despite many, many tries.)

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