The most wonderful time of the year

Nah, it’s not the year-end holiday season.  It’s tomato season, friend.  Fresh, vine-ripe, still-warm-from-the-garden beefsteak tomatoes, layered onto homemade wild-yeast sourdough bread with a bit of lettuce, a smear of mayo, and lots of crisp bacon.

I might eat a BLT for breakfast every day until tomato season is over.

One thought on “The most wonderful time of the year

  1. I always crave tomato season. And I’ve been having 2 BLTs each day for the last week. I won’t stop until after July 4. When I was a little kid my mom canned tomatoes all season- one year she did 350 quarts so you would think that I’d hate them. Must be the umami.

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