My first Hansen’s sno-bliz of the season

2010 Hansen’s Sno-bliz (4801 Tchoupitoulas St, New Orleans, LA) report:  I can now happily verify the assertions of others that the new cardamom-flavored sno-bliz is sweet heaven, especially when paired with cream of coffee.  Viola–I present the Turkish coffee sno-bliz!

Other new(ish) flavors include chocolate mint and satsuma.  I’ve heard that vanilla bean is also available this summer, but I was so excited about cardamom, I forgot to ask about it.

At left, the capable hands of third-generation sno-blizzer/owner Ashley Hansen Springgate craft a “George’s Favorite,” a vivid, refreshing mixture of limeade and fruit punch.

Hansen’s Sno-bliz opened for the 2010 season back on April 6th.  Go get your sno-bliz on, Tuesday through Sunday, 1 pm — 7 pm.

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