Tart-n-tangy Pinkberry yogurt

I made it over to the new Pinkberry yogurt place on Magazine Street; it’s a bright, cheery space, with lots of slick, shiny surfaces and ridiculously cheerful/helpful employees.  At lunchtime, it was mobbed with high-school girls in Catholic-school plaid, hotly debating the merits of one topping over another:  “but I don’t like Fruity Pebbles…”  Aside from a few silly cereal choices, most toppings leaned toward fresh fruit, granola, or nuts.

I went for the tart, original flavor….and I was pleasantly surprised.  It tasted like good-quality yogurt, only frozen.  Not overly sweet, or too synthetic in texture, it’s clearly a low-fat product, but a damn good one.  Paired with a mixed-nut topping, the mini size was less than $3….so I’m officially a fan:  I like reasonable portion sizes paired with reasonable prices.  (Yes, I also like the kiddie cup size at Ben & Jerry’s, but you can buy a pint at the supermarket for the same price.)

3 thoughts on “Tart-n-tangy Pinkberry yogurt

  1. I was skeptical because I’m rarely a fan of frozen yogurt but I’ve been twice and enjoyed it both times. I like the Original tart with fruit and honey. I could really do without the long wait though. It’s good but not wait-in-line-for-30-minutes good.

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