Take a big bite

My current favorite sandwich:  roasted turkey, sprouts, avocado, sharp white cheddar, and creole mustard on toasted, homemade multigrain bread.  Crisp bacon is a nice addition, as is a layer of sliced tomatoes….but I’m not finding quality tomatoes yet, so the tomato embellishment won’t make it to the sandwich for a few more weeks.  (I’m counting the days until I can have a tomato grilled cheese, or a tomato & homemade dill mayo sandwich.)

Homemade (or good-quality storebought) bread elevates the humble sandwich.  Whereas squishy supermarket white brings nothing but sugary sweetness to the sandwich, a nutty, textured wholegrain slice asserts itself, providing a proper canvas for the sandwich maker’s flights of fancy.  I have a few slices of no-knead flax/oatmeal/white whole wheat lingering in the kitchen–I think I’ll make another turkey-sprouts-avocado-cheddar sandwich for today’s brown bag.

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