No-knead multigrain loaf

Yet another no-knead Lahey loaf variation attempt:  this time, I used part bread flour, part white whole wheat, plus about 25 grams of ground flaxseed and 25 grams of rolled oats.  The resulting loaf had a slight crunch, with a fairly open, nicely uneven crumb and thick, tasty crust.  I think I’ll try a “seeds and nuts” variation next:  flaxseed, toasted sesame seeds, sunflower kernels, and a few pumpkinseeds for variety’s sake.

Slowly, slowly, I’m improving this loaf (or am I improving my technique?)  I’m still baking the loaves in a 3.5 quart pot and setting them out to rise, unsupported, on the countertop.  At some point, I’ll try rising the loaf in an oval, coiled-cane brotform…I suspect that a better-supported rise will lead to a loftier loaf.

My latest reason for baking this loaf repeatedly is timing.  The measuring & minimal stirring needed to create the dough takes 10 to 15 minutes, easily squeezed into my early-morning routine.  Subsequently, the dough rises, unattended, for 12 or more hours, and then it only requires a quick shaping (less than 5 minutes), another unattended rise, and then finally bakes for 50 minutes.  It might be the perfect loaf for a workday, or any other day when you crave fresh bread with minimal active time investment.

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