Looking forward to Thursdays

Should you find the workweek dragging due to spring fever, start looking forward to Thursday, when you can eat Cafe Reconcile’s (1631 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd, New Orleans) lunch special of creamy white beans & shrimp.  (The photo alone makes my mouth water.)  Shrimp & white beans are a common pairing in eastern Acadiana (the part of south Louisiana east of the Atchafalaya basin).  Most often, the shrimp are fried, and the white beans are ladled over a mound of slightly sticky, medium grain rice.  Reconcile’s take on the classic pairs cooked-down beans with a touch of cream and tender, mid-size Gulf shrimp.

Dining at Cafe Reconcile is about more than tasty, affordable local cooking.  CR is a not-for-profit, hospitality, job skills, and life skills training program for at-risk youth….so lunch is a mitzvah and a treat rolled into one.

3 thoughts on “Looking forward to Thursdays

  1. Glad to hear Reconcile is still doing well. Jamie did a lot of volunteer work there, mostly upgrading, maintaining and networking their computers. They do a great deal of good for their community. Around 2003 they had a booth at Jazz Fest and we both worked in that and got to snack on smothered pork chops, greens, jalapeno cornbread and rice . . . some of the best food at the festival that year, in my opinion.

    • According to Reconcile’s own website, in the January issue of Food Network magazine, Emeril named the smothered pork chops as his favorite dish in the city.

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