Dining at the Villa Maria

I mentioned the agriturismo Villa Maria in my last post, and I wanted to highlight the delicious (and generous) food at this friendly spot on Italy’s Amalfi coast, located in the charming town of Minori.  Here’s a photo gallery of three days’ dining (mostly dinners, with a bit of breakfast thrown in).

Left to right, row 1:  mixed antipasto platters.  Plate 1–grilled, marinated carrots & zucchini, paired with mixed greens (including shaved fennel); Plate 2–coppa, smoked salmon, marinated octopus, proscuitto crudo, farm-cured ham, and local sheep’s milk cheese; Plate 3–more of the same, plus grilled bread and focaccia topped with tomatoes and buffalo-milk mozzarella.

Row 2:  handmade pastas.  Plate 1–pumpkin & sage ravioli; Plate 2–fettucini with clams, parsley, & lemon; Plate 3–baked pastas, including a “sfogliatelle” of fettucini wrapped around ricotta & veal, pork-stuffed ravioli, and handmade twists, all baked in tomato sauce.

Row 3:  entrees.  Plate 1–buffalo milk mozzarella with mixed greens; Plate 2–grilled pork chop (from a pig raised on the property), garnished with lemon zest; Plate 3–fennel & sage pork sausage (also made in house from the villa’s own pigs).

Row 4:  Plate 1–a mixed grill of swordfish, gambero (shrimp), and squid; Plate 2–grilled steak with lemon; Plate 3–breakfast cake with lemon-custard center.

Row 5:  Plate 1–fried cod & potatoes; Plate 2–another locally raised pork chop; Plate 3–heart-shaped ricotta & chocolate mousse, in celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Row 6:  Plate 1–a “cake” of honeydew melon slices, grown in summer and kept hanging in the storeroom until winter, garnished with strawberries; Glass 2–homemade limoncello, the ending to every meal.

The price of all this wonderful chow?  Only a 15 euro (~$21) per person supplement over the cost of a room at the Villa Maria…

2 thoughts on “Dining at the Villa Maria

    • Not a week–just three days’ worth of breakfasts & dinners. The multi-course dinners were a bit overwhelming; I don’t think I could have survived a whole week of long, late dining.

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