Record sales of New Orleans products

Seems that the Who Dat Nation runs on Abita beer:  the Northshore brewery is reporting 14% increase in sales, compared with the same week last year.  According to the Times-Picayune, Pat O’Brien’s is shipping record amounts of its Hurricane drink mix.  Win or lose, booze will flow tonight.  While you’re drinking, raise a cup and toast New Orleans’ new mayor-elect, Mitch Landrieu.

3 thoughts on “Record sales of New Orleans products

  1. Although according to the answer to a quiz question on Whad’Ya Know on NPR yesterday, more beer is sold at Cinco de Mayo than for Super Bowl. (The poll takers probably didn’t heavily weight New Orleans, and especially not this year.)

    We’re making jambalaya for the event.

    • Mmmm, jambalaya. Can you find good sausage in the desert? I’m grilling up a mess of tandoori chicken wings, making some homemade garlic naan on my Big Green Egg, and maybe a spinach & potato curry for strength. Kneading duogh will burn off some nervous energy.

      • I’m using the last of my Jacob’s andouille from the freezer, as well as Jacob’s tasso. I even found some shrimp shells buried way in the back so I made shrimp stock.

        I haven’t tried making naan on the grill — good idea.

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