Sourdough pizza

My latest adventure in sourdough baking:  pizza!  Yes, pizza spiked with commercial yeast and a little sourdough starter for flavor.  Following Reinhart’s recipe (Artisan Breads Every Day, p 69), I combined fresh-from-the-fridge sourdough starter, water, and flour and allowed it to ferment until doubled (almost 12 hours, in my freezing-cold kitchen).

More warm water, bread flour, yeast, kosher salt, a bit of sugar and oil go into the starter to make the final dough, which is sufficient for three large or five small pizzas. Like most breads from Artisan, the dough keeps, refrigerated, for up to 4 days.  Divided and frozen, it keeps for months.

Once baked, the dough was pleasantly chewy, with a noticeable sourdough tang.  To best showcase the crust’s flavor, I added minimal toppings (a bit of sauce, some fresh mozzarella, a few strips of pepperoni).  I t was a little bready and didn’t stretch quite as thin as a high-gluten flour pizza dough, nor was it as tender as an all-purpose or 00 pizza flour dough.

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