White chocolate dipped pretzels

Two pounds of discounted Guittard white chocolate still lingered in my cupboard….as I’ve said before, I don’t even like white chocolate!  A sale lured me into purchasing way more than I knew how to use.  Suddenly, during the weatherman’s prattle about possible snow, inspiration struck:  white-chocolate dipped pretzel rods!  Perfect for holiday-treat-sharing, festively & seasonally snowy white, sweet-n-salty; in short, just the sort of easy recipe to deal with my glut of white chocolate.

I melted 32 oz white chocolate disks in a quart Pyrex measuring cup, popped open a bag of Rold Gold pretzel rods, and started dipping. Before the chocolate set, I sprinkled colored dots atop each pretzel.  Colored sugar, chocolate jimmies, or a contrasting drizzle of dark chocolate also look nice.  At cool room temperature (around 68 degrees), the chocolate will set in two hours.  Package the dipped pretzels in an airtight container to keep crisp.

Two pounds white chocolate will dip approximately 72 large pretzel rods (about two and a third 12-oz bags), plus another half dozen or so of broken bits.

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