Little Tokyo comes to Boutte

In the past four years, Japanese restaurants have popped up all over south Louisiana.  Houma alone has three or four; Larose got its first sushi spot earlier this year.  And yes, at long last, I can finally have sushi close to home, too.  My quality of life just went up by 72.5%, thanks to easy access to sashimi (like the takeout portion of tuna poke pictured).

A branch of Little Tokyo opened this week on US 90 in Boutte, sporting a sushi bar, hibachi tables, and a friendly staff.  (Little Tokyo on Causeway Blvd in Metairie is a candidate for the area’s oldest Japanese restaurant; the proprietors also operate a location on Carrollton in Mid-City, as well as the grocery store Asian Gourmet Market in Kenner.)  So far, everything sampled (udon, tuna tataki, tuna poke, gyoza, spring rolls, a few assorted sushi rolls) has been up to Little Tokyo’s usual standards, and the restaurant already appears to have a steady stream of customers.

Excuse me while I set out to see how much sashimi I can eat in the next week…

4 thoughts on “Little Tokyo comes to Boutte

  1. I was disappointed on a recent visit to Little Tokyo. My family who visits Little Tokyo on a VERY regular basis went in after church for LUNCH, not only was the Hibachi being offered at evening prices but on the regular menu you could only get the evening meal prices.

    When inquired about the change, they said it was only for Mother’s Day. I know a few other people were a little frustrated with the policy that was only in effect for one day.

    I’m not sure I want to return to the restaraunt again. Our small town is full of businesses who don’t try to gouge customers.

    Seems to me that is taking advantage of people. W

    • Very frequently, restaurants don’t offer luncheon prices on “special event” days like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, New Year’s Eve, Christmas Eve, etc. While you’re certainly entitled to dine anywhere you’d like, Little Tokyo is following a pretty standard (non-chain) restaurant custom: charging a premium to dine out on the busiest days of the year. Often, special menus and higher prices prevail on these days. It’s like airline pricing: you will pay more to fly on Fridays or holidays, as those are the busiest times.

      Regarding “our small town” being full of businesses, I WISH it were full of restaurants! We have a relative dearth of nice places to eat in St. Charles Parish. We’re overrun with bad fast food chains and cheap alternatives….I’ll keep patronizing Little Tokyo, as it offers some sorely needed diversity in our dining scene.

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