5 best gumbos in New Orleans

Flying this holiday season?  Look for me (and Bouillie) in Air Tran Airlines’ in-flight magazine, GO, for a top-5 list, “Best Gumbos in New Orleans.”

Staying home or flying Southwest?  Read the magazine online (requires registration).  Or see the online version here.

Go ahead, flip right past Matt Damon; I’m on page 17.

8 thoughts on “5 best gumbos in New Orleans

  1. Love it! I am so proud. Next time Michael and I come in we will have to do a whirlwind gumbo tasting and put the picks to the test. Congrats!

  2. Fantastic!!! We are so proud of you! But your gumbo should have been in the top 5!
    I’m enjoying reading the blog as well!
    Now about that first book…. 😉

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